Crypto Investment, Issues & Potentials

Why Invest In Crypto -Trade Nexi?

Devin Milson

Investor, Trader & Entrepreneur

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Price discovery phases of new markets

Phase One

Assets normally begin by being undervalued

Phase Two

Assets then become ‘fairly’ valued

Phase Three

Assets then become overvalued

Phase Four

Assets crash and move to the long term moving average

Devin Milson Was Right!

Earlier this year, Devin wrote an article “Is it worth it to invest in cryptocurrencies?” what was profound about his analysis was not just his infurence to indicators of the potentials the crypto market holds, but his accurate prdiction of of further decline in the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies.

He pegged his analysis to events of similar economical identities such as the dot-com market crash.

Approaching this topic with honesty and facts would not only enable us to see the potentials of any investment in crpto, but the risks also. Informed decisions can only be arrived on when key market and economic indicators are taken into consideration.

While many were expecting a market recovery, Devin was able to predict that crypto would experience further decline before it would start appreciating to find it’s true value, while would eventually suppass the 2017 peak. He was right! cryptocurrencies experienced a further decline to the region of the 80% loss he predicted. we can safely expect that a projection in line eith that of dot-com companies would be in order and we can expect a steady rise in the market cap.


Reasons to Invest in Trade Nexi

Parallels with the Dot-Com Bubble -History repeats itself

In the period between 1994-2000, the world experienced a wild rush for Dot-Com companies it was obvious that the market was going to bust, it was obvious that many of the dot-com companies were not viable companies, but the craze went on. Today we are withnessing another rush in investments, this time it is for cryptocurrencies. The market would crash for sure. BUT DON’T WORRY, Just like Ebay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo,Cisco and many of the biggest ICT companies were products of the dot-com bubble,  so will viable crypto projects such as Trade Nexi be the multi-billion dollars  companies of the future.

Emerging Markets Hold the most Potentials

Cryptocurrencies are still very young. Most emerging markets are usuallyly largely undervalued in the budding stages. this has happened consitently and emerging markets have been responsible for creating new money over and over again in history. From early gold prospectors to early investors in steel, power, petroleum to computers. The world has seen thousands of billionaires and millions of millionaires made from emerging markets.

Cryptocurrency is the new kid on the block and already making it’s own financial giants.

Regulation is not Rejection but Public Adoption

While many are carried away by the sensational journalism that portrays regulations targeted at cryptocurrencies as bad. The truth is Regulations are good for cryptocurrencies. Regulations had to be made and reviewed fot he adoption of many technology we us today. Even social media has been regulated and even put under government control in many countries including China. Same is happening to cyptocurrencies now. China with it’s huge population pulled out of using mainstream internet services, yet most of these services such as Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter are still doing great!

Regulations have not hurt social media, softwares, use of computers or mobile phones. They have made them safer to use and more adoptable for the public. Cryptocurrencies would eventually gain from the regulations.

Too Many Cryptocurrencies?

Are there too many cryptocurrencies? Most would hastily say Yes.

Cryptocurrencies are first not currency in the technical definition of it, ICOs are also not securities. once you understand this, you would be able to understand that most cryptobased projects are very much like your pennystock or bluechip companies without not fiat creators.

so how many companies are in the United states? How many Companies are in the world? Millions! so why should a few thousand crypto-based projects be regarded as too many?

We should be looking forward to a future with millions of blockchain projects as it gives the neccessary competition needed for the establishers to put more value into their projects.

Only the strongest would eventually get listed on exchanges at the end.

Another Boom is around the corner!

2017 is regarded as the year for cryptocurrencies, while many think we would never withness such a boom ever again, it would be wise to take a look at the facts and figures.

The Crypto Market cap peaked at about $800 Billion, achieved without formal structures, achieved without global adoption, achieved without government backing, achieved despite bad media, achieved despite many commercially worthless projects, achieved despite all these and many more that were not favourable for the crypto market.

With Adoption and commercial viability of blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies would surpass the equivalent of $5Trillion the Dot-com companies achieved in their early days.

Many Projects like TRADE NEXI would withness astromical growth and early investors would be the biggest gainers yet again

Current $10 Trillion Global eCommerce Market and growing

It is key to point out that trade nexi is nesting on a Multi-Trillion Dollar market and one that is still fast growing and evolving. the Ecommerce space is one that is fast adopting evolutons that are saving costs and securing users. This keys perfectly with the mission of Trade Nexi, which would make it attractive to those pursuing disruptive innovations in the ecommerce space.

We are set to grow and adopt with the market trends and hold our share of this market.