Trade Nexi Launches an E-commerce Revolution


We have come a long way in the history of commerce with the internet making the most impact to how trade and business is transacted creating what we call E-commerce.

The first online commercial transaction was enabled by IBM’s Online Transction Processing [OLTP]   which was enabled the purchase/reservation of airline tickets from American Airlines in the 1960s. Thanks to IBM and American Airlines we moved into a new era. Now you can make purchases or sales with no geographical boundaries, in real time and to unprecedented number of people at once.

IBM’s SABRE enabled American Airlines Ticket purchases in real time

Then came Videotex, an tele-visual system that could provide the user  visualy interactive information. This furthered the advancement of online shopping as Micheal Aldich who is considered the father of online shopping took this system and demostrated it’s potential in real time transaction processing in 1979. This became the advent of online shopping. Micheal Aldich’s Teleputer came before the IBM PC, Microsoft MS-DOS and the Internet or World Wide Web.


A Videotex: pioneering invention in visual online shopping before the world wide web

Then the internet experienced a major revolution. The internet became higly commercialized and this came with the World Wide Web advent and the Dot-Com era. The internet was never going to be the same. Now it became more practical to build interactive web pages and with this new inovation of dynamic web pages, it became practical to have true online stores. This gave birth to the biggest Online stores we know today; Amazon and E-bay.

This era would be marked with significant investments into the internet and an unprecedented growth of the internet; users, hosting companies, bandwith providers, web pages, online businesses and much more. This growth continues till date and there seems to be no end in sight to the limits of the reach of the internet. With this growth was a reletive growth in internet enabled commerce which we now call E-commerce. E-commerce is one of the biggest markets on the internet and one of the fastest growing. Infact it is the feeder for many other industries on the internet including; online marketing, affliate marketing, adverts, social media, aviation, etc. without E-commerce, there would be no funds to drive the growth of many services that are online today.


We are priviledged today to be part of history again. The age of the Decentralized Ledger Technology [DLT] also known as the blockchain.

New frontiers are openning up and the internet is about to experience another revolution. A revolution that would change how business is done online. A revolution that would birth the online companies of the future. E-commerce stands to become the biggest gainer in this era as the blockchain is capable of making the most significant impact in online payments, records keeping and security, which are all the foundamentals for E-commerce.



Trade Nexi is working on the future of Smart contract enabled payment solutions, Marketplaces that integrates a wide payment option and instant cryptocurrency exchange.

Trade Nexi is the future of the present Multi-Trillion Dollar E-commerce market that would be briding the gap between the web trade enablers and the blockchain trade enablers. Trade Nexi is looking to commercialise the products of the blockchain in making online transactions, cheaper, more transparent, faster and more secured.

Welcome to the future!

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